Mini RC Car - 3 Pack

Mini RC Car - 3 Pack

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Mini Remote Control 3 Pack

3 Different Styles and Frequencies.

Purchase a three pack of our little micro rc cars and you will receive three different style and frequencies. We'll insure these little cars can race together! These small rc cars are just about three inches long, roughly the size of match-box or little zip zap cars. Each car is ready to go and features a built in battery that recharges right on the remote, it couldn't be easier!

Includes: Remote control, Car, Traffic Cones & Coke Can Case.

Setup of the car is easy!

  1. Remove the car from the can.
  2. Put the Antenna into the remote.
  3. Charge your car for 45 seconds.
  4. Off to the races!




Needs 2 AA batteries in the controller: not included for each car.

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