Mini RC Car FAQ

How long should my mini rc car run on a charge?
When the Light goes off and your car is fully charged, expect to get at least 5 minutes of racing out of the car. Many times you will get upwards of 10 minutes with these Panther brand cars. It will vary based on the surface you are running the car on and how much of the time you have it at full speed.

Do I need anything else for the cars to run?
The only thing you will need is a small screw driver and 2 AA batteries. There is no real assembly needed for the cars. Just take the car off of its mount and screw the antenna into the remote, charge and your ready to go!

What is the best surface to run the cars on?
Linoleum or hard wood floors make great surfaces for these cars. The cleaner the surface the better so ask mom to sweep the kitchen before the race :) We do not suggest running the cars on carpet.

How long before I get my mini racer when I order from
Usually shipping goes out next or 2nd day after order. USPS ground is the recomended and most economical. Expect 3-5 business days from order to delivery.

Do you sell the cars Wholesale?
You bet! For more information email:

How fun are mini racers?

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