Mini RC Car Tracks

Have you built a mini rc track in your home and want to show it off? Send in your pictures and we'll show the world your creation! Please email

Track by Dave - Rockwall International Micro RC Motorway

* Make the turns the same radius as the cars turning radius.
* Keep everything smooooth.  The smallest bump can flip one of these over when you actually get to the point of some high speed.
* This is a cross between slot cars and RC.  The track walls are the slots. Try to keep them smooth.

Total cost about $45 including the cars..  Old plywood, left over masking tape. Cardboard from the Grocery. Oh Yea Batteries. Buildings are old stayrafoam. The labor was pure Love.

Mini RC Track by Jaime O. US Army, Currently in Iraq.

Track by Tommy K. SWEBAT Pristina Kosovo 


Track by Kevin G. Marietta, PA