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Mini RC Ball Case - 48
Mini RC Ball Case - 48 $950.00 $999.99
All New Mini RC Ball Case of 48! Ready for Resale One of the newest product in stock! The Mini RC Ball is a best seller! The Mini RC ball is great for kids, parents and pets alike! It is easy to use and features multi-direction functionality with forward, backward, left and right movement!  Features: Easy To Control  Multi-Surface Use  Multidirectional Functionality  Fun For The Entire Family!  Remote Uses 2 AAA Batteries - Ball Uses 3 AAA Batteries Not Included
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Mini RC Boat Case - 48
Mini RC Boat Case - 48 $425.00 $459.99
All New Mini RC Speed Boat Case of 48! Ready for ResaleAvailable in Red and Yellow One of the newest product in stock! The RC Boat this item is hot! The Mini RC Boat is a blast to play with in the tub, pool, or small pond. The boat has 2 motors and can turn on a dime. The cases of boats only come in 27 MHZ. These boats can not be used in salt water Features: Full Display Box Sharp Turn Maneuvering Fail Safe Surface Feature Solid WaterProof Construction Ready to Run Two Motors Proportional Radio Great Pool Fun! Needs 3AA batteries in the controller.
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Mini RC Car Case - 48
Mini RC Car Case - 48 $375.00 $459.99
48 individualy packaged cars in coke cans. - Assorted styles and frequencies. Ready to SELL! All of our cars are top quality Shen Qi Wei brand! - Roughly 2 inches long. (size of AAA battery)  - Built-in rechargeable battery in the car. - All of our cars have 2.6 Motors, faster than most brands.  - Remote control that uses radio frequency.   Need 2 AA batteries in the controller; not included for each car. * Free shipping to continental US only. This toy is a blast!
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Mini Stunt Car Case - 48
Mini Stunt Car Case - 48 $425.00 $499.99
We have the newest product in stock! The Stunt Vehicle and it is AMAZING! Mini Stunt Car Cases Now shipping! The Mini Stunt Cars will Impress your friends, neighbors, kids, and your customers! It runs around floors and even short carpet. It is FAST and fun, the front of the car rotates 360 degrees causing it to flip, twirl, and just all together GO CRAZY. See for yourself. View the video: We are currently accepting wholesale orders for these cars. Get them now and sell out this Christmas!  Features: Improved Charger unit Car comes in it's own bubble Range up to 50 Feet Sturdy car can run on both hard floors and short carpet Interior Lights when moving Twists, turns, flips, never gets stuck Is truely fun for all ages (Recomended over 6 years)